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Wing Paddle

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Brand: Nordic Kayaks

The NK Wing is autoclaved from 100% prepreg carbon at high temperature and high pressure. The result of this construction is a particularly strong and robust paddle blade with excellent mechanical properties: lightness, durability and reliability with a very good progressive flexibility. This paddle is an excellent choice for racing paddlers as well as fitness and touring kayakers.

The pronounced "drop shape" develops a lot of propulsion immediately after the paddle has been inserted and thus enables very efficient and dynamic paddling even over long distances. This blade shape is currently the most popular both in Olympic racing and when paddling on the seas and enables good and fatigue-free progress even if the technique is not 100% ideal.

Our top paddle comes with the popular kayak sport quick release for easy length and angle adjustment.

Comes with kayaking quick release buckles for easy length and angle adjustment
Paddle lengths:
  • 205-215cm
  • 208-218cm
  • 210-220cm
Shaft diameter:
  • 28mm
  • 29mm
Flexibility / stiffness:
  • Flex 4 - 4mm / m max deformation - stiffer paddle
  • Flex 6 - 6mm / m max deformation - more flexible paddle
Blade sizes:
  • 685cm²
  • 720cm²
  • 750cm²
  • 785cm²

The weight of the NK Wing 685 is about 650 g.

Gordan uses the following setup: NK Wing 785, 215mm shaft length, 29mm shaft diameter, Flex 4 with 60 ° turn to the left

Pro tip: In the hobby and leisure area, it is better to choose the paddling surface one size smaller in order to be able to cover longer distances without getting tired.

Please note: Due to the size of the package, there are additional costs for the bulky goods surcharge.

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„Nordic Kayaks craft construction across their entire range is second to none. Their comfortability and manoeuvrability are also top tier making them on of the fastest most durable skis on the market. It’s these things that I love about the boat, but it’s Nordic’s excited and passion toward all this paddling from racing to just getting out in the water that make super proud and grateful to represent their company.“

Mackenzie “Macca” Hynard (AUS)