Coach: Victor

Personal Coaching in France

Meet me in Lyon, Annecy or Geneva for a group coaching session with your friends or family, or let’s book a special time together.In a group, tell me about your expectations, the type of paddling you do and the difficulties you encounter. In private coaching, talk to me about your past experiences, what you’d like to achieve, and together we’ll build a coaching program that’s just right for you.

1/2 day 👉🏻 Lyon

1 day 👉🏻 Lyon, Annecy, Geneva

Ocean Camps in France

I organize « Autonomy and discovery » ocean trips for beginner paddlers who want to become autonomous and cover distances that allow adventure, and “Downwind camps” for those who want to learn or perfect their surfing technique. These camps cover a wide range of topics, including paddling technique, understanding the environment, navigation techniques and much more, to help you progress.

2 days 👉🏻 Marseille / La Ciotat

5 days 👉🏻 Marseille / La Ciotat / Biarritz

Test and Go!

Are you a racing, slalom or downriver kayaker who’s been looking for a Storm 570, Exercize or other Nordic Kayak surfski for a while now?

I don’t blame you…

Now’s your chance to test it out and find the best Surfski for you! Rent a Surfski for 1 hour or 1 day in Lyon all year round. I also travel for coaching days and training camps, contact me, I’ll let you know when I can be near you.

📍Annecy / Geneva / Lausanne / Marseille / La Ciotat / Biarritz

„If you like equipment, you've come to the right place. Nordic Kayaks is the Volvo of Surfskiing, you're sitting comfortably and safely! I particularly like rough seas where you feel very small, and since I've been in Nordic Kayaks, I can push my limits even further because I feel so safe. I'm very proud to be part of the NK adventure and to be able to get you on board too!“

Victor Doux