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Do you always have boats in stock?

Depending on the storage capacities of the individual NK dealers, sometimes more or fewer models are available directly on site. However, there is often the possibility to obtain further design variants via the NK intermediate warehouses. The central warehouse for Europe in Rostock (Germany), for example, holds an average stock of at least 150 boats. So if your local dealer does not have your desired configuration, there is always the possibility to get your favorite quickly and easily via short intermediate routes.

My desired configuration is not in stock. How long are the delivery times?

Both your local NK dealer and the nearest major intermediate store don’t have your desired boat? Don’t worry, all NK dealers order new boats from the factory at regular intervals, so you can expect very short delivery times of 3-4 months on average.

Where can I find the nearest dealer in my area?

Here you can find all listed NK dealers. If there is none in your country, please contact office@nordickayaks.eu and we will find the best solution for you.

Can I test the boats?

Each of our NK dealers will offer you the opportunity to test our boats extensively on site to find the right model for you and your skills and requirements.

Will you deliver my new boat to me?

Please contact your nearest NK dealer and find out what options they can offer you regarding delivery. If delivery is not possible, we work with experienced carriers to get your new boat to you. Also, follow us on IG or subscribe to our newsletter or the newsletter of our NK dealers to stay up to date. We also often announce tours of different regions here with the option of boat deliveries.

Can I also buy used boats/demo boats from you guys?

As a rule, we offer only new goods for sale. However, on local swap meets on the internet you can often find a used surfski/K1 from Nordic Kayaks. Contact your local NK dealer and find out if there are demo boats available for purchase at the end of the season or at events.

Can I rent boats from you?

Again, it is most worthwhile to contact your local NK dealer. Some of our dealers offer new boats as well as rental boats, surfski courses and coaching. You can find more information about this in our section: Coaching.

You need a boat for an official competition where a Nordic Kayaks dealer is also present? Then either contact the dealer directly or send an email to rentals@nordickayaks.eu and we will check the availability of boats on site.

Is there a warranty on the boats?

Nordic Kayaks warrants to the original owner who purchased the product from Nordic Kayaks or an authorized NK dealer that all of our products will be free from defects in design or workmanship for two years from the date of purchase. Should any such defect occur, Nordic Kayaks will repair or replace the product free of charge. The original invoice is your proof of purchase.

If repairs are required, Nordic Kayaks must approve the method and type of repair as well as the repair person.  If you return your product by freight as part of a warranty or repair matter, you, as the buyer, must pay the freight to the local dealer or to Nordic Kayaks’ headquarters in Sweden. When the product is repaired, Nordic Kayaks will arrange and pay for the return of the product to you.

Always contact Nordic Kayaks or your local NK dealer before returning anything to us! We will help you with the process.

This is not covered by the warranty:

  • Damage caused by bumping objects during paddling, transport or storage
  • Damage caused by improper handling, such as lashing straps, for example, during car transports.
  • Damage due to surf
  • Defects due to improper storage
  • Cosmetic blemishes
  • All changes made to the product
  • Products purchased as “demo products
What equipment do the boats have when they are handed over?

All boats have the specified standard steering at purchase (Surfski Single: Race, Surfski Double: Surf, K1: Marathon). In the ergonomically shaped cockpit is the already installed stem board with pedal control and self-adjusting control cables. There is a luggage net on the deck. All Proline surfskis have an integrated drink holder with NK drink bottle. The Clubline surfskis have a step at this point, for easier entry and exit from the dock. Depending on the construction there are additional features like luggage hatches and kick-up steering. More information can be found at the kayaks themselves.

What accessories do you offer?

We offer everything you need as basic equipment for paddling, starting with the necessary safety equipment and ending with products that make your paddling a little easier. In addition to surfskis and K1, we also offer our own wing paddles in various sizes. For a complete overview just visit our online store. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, feel free to send us an email and we will find a solution together.

What is the best way to store my boat?

It’s best to find a dry, shady place for your boat. If you store it in a boat sock or boat bag, make sure the boat is absolutely dry before you put it in the cover. Otherwise, over a longer period of time with humid storage conditions, so-called osmotic blistering can occur in the paint.

In general, our surfskis have no problems with high temperatures because they are manufactured in an autoclave. However, if you store your boat outside in direct sunlight for a longer period of time, make sure that the ventilation plug in the cockpit is open. This is especially true for the dark boats with or without paint. Important: don’t forget to close the plug again before you get into the waves next time.

Do I have to be a professional to ride a surfski?

No! Nordic Kayaks has the right boat for every skill level. Whether you are a newcomer or a paddling pro with years of experience, we have the right boat for you. Because of our wide product range, we can always find the right boat for you and your skills.

Which boat is right for me?

We will be happy to advise you in detail about our models and various designs. Our principle here is always: stability first! If you are between two models, we advise you to 99% to the safer model of the two. We believe that you can only improve and enjoy paddling if you feel safe in your boat and can control it in all conditions.

Of course, it is just as important to have a good basic technique and to master the re-entry. Our NK coaches are happy to teach you the basic requirements for safe and independent paddling in group training sessions or individual coaching sessions.

Which paddle is right for me?

Our surfskis are mainly used for longer tours over several kilometers and not for short sprint units. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a smaller and shorter wing paddle for more efficient and relaxed paddling. Large blade surfaces with long paddle shafts are more suitable for experienced, professional athletes with the appropriate physical conditions. You are unsure which paddle to choose? Feel free to contact us!

When do I choose which rudder?

We offer 4 different steerers to choose from. Each rudder is easy to install and remove and is ready to use within minutes. The graphic shows you how to choose the optimal rudder for different areas of use (shallow water/wave) and different conditions (lots of weed/low weed).

What makes your boats so special?

Our boats impress with their very low weight and very high strength. All Proline boats at Nordic Kayaks are made with prepreg carbon in autoclave. This is one of the most expensive and complex production processes and hardly used in the kayak world. Due to the homogeneous material distribution of prepregs (pre-impregnated carbon strips) and the high, precisely defined temperatures and pressures in the autoclave, the boats achieve extreme strength at very low weight. The individual layers form a strong bond, which ensures a very long service life and high reliability of the boats. The technology is otherwise used in space travel or Formula 1.

You can get an insight into our modern factory on our Youtube channel.

How do I handle my boat properly?
  • Store your boat, if possible, dry and shaded on racks or trestles.
  • Clean your boat with fresh water after each use. Pay special attention to the metal parts of the boat.
  • Wipe your boat dry afterwards.
  • Make sure that no sand gets into the open bailer when landing. If this is the case, rinse it thoroughly before closing it again. We recommend stowing the boats with the bailer closed, otherwise the bailer can easily be damaged if lifted out carelessly. Depending on the wear and tear, we recommend you to replace the seal of the bailer every 1-2 years.
How do I use the deBrito bailer correctly?

The deBrito bailer, which is installed in our Nordic Kayaks surfskis, is shaped like a rocker so that it can be opened and closed while paddling simply with a spirited kick with your foot. You can choose between two opening levels: 10° and 25°. If you only need the 10°, i.e. approx. half opening, during your tour, you can easily prevent the complete opening by means of the two built-in wings. To do this, turn the two wings inward so that the lever comes to rest here when you open it.

The operation with the foot is a matter of practice and should be integrated into the training with every paddle unit. This will ensure that you can safely operate the Bailer when the conditions are a bit more challenging.

Can I take luggage on my surfski?

All Nordic Kayaks Surfski models have a luggage net on the stern. Here you can stow bathing slippers, duffel bags etc., if you have no storage possibilities on land. For your cell phone we recommend a waterproof cell phone case (available in our store), which you can attach to the cockpit with suction cups.

As an extra charge we offer hatch covers for the stern and the cockpit for the Clubline models and the Exrcize from the Proline. Hereby you can create additional storage space in the surfski and are thus also prepared for longer tours.

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