Coach: Emma

Intensive group course

Become confident in your surf ski
You will learn reentry (in all directions), how you can help each other, the tricks to avoid falling in so often, how to avoid difficult situations and what to do if you end up there. All so that you feel confident in your surf ski. This is a prerequisite for paddling in waves. 1/2 to 1 day

Downwind basics

Learn the basics (theoretically) of catching and surfing waves. We do exercises on the water together to practice the understanding of reading and catching waves. 1-2 days

Downwind/racing for beginners

You can surf waves but want to become faster and more efficient. Maybe you want to start racing or just get faster at racing. Together we do exercises to become more efficient in the waves and get up to speed. You will also test different types of intervals well suited for surfing.
1-2 days

Safety training

Theory and some practice on the following topics: Safety equipment, how to plan for a safer downwind, winter paddling, surf skiing best practices, surf skiing in big conditions. 1/2 to 1 day.

Private lessons

I pick up where your knowledge leaves off, fill in where it’s missing and teach you what you’re ready for. An evening, a day or a few lessons spread out with a few days in between.
To go from zero to being able to paddle some waves (and understand what you’re doing) usually requires at least two sessions.

More information about coaching with Emma can be found here.

„The NK surfski is outstanding when it comes to seating comfort, design and construction. NK is also special to me since it’s a small brand made by nice people from Sweden.“

Emma Levemyr (SWE)