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Kayak ergometer

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Brand: Old Danube

You want the most realistic paddle feeling? You want an alternative to water training in the cold season? Do you want to improve your technique and check your body perception in the mirror yourself? You want to be or get fit and a treadmill is just too boring for you?

Try our kayak ergometer from Hungary from OLD DANUBE.
The goal of the developers was to get as close as possible to the original water feeling. The catch is crucial when paddling, that is the moment when the paddle enters the water. Due to the height-adjustable deflection pulley, the direction of pull of the rope corresponds exactly to the direction of force resulting from the paddle stroke. The feeling in the hull is identical to the feeling on the water.
In addition, the ergometer is almost 100% made of metal, very valuable and solidly processed, and ergonomically based on the movement in the boat.
With the specially developed app "Ergoholic" you can track your training, read the number of strokes, distance, heart rate and speed, and network with other users.
The storage is space-saving "on edge" and the two wheels allow a relaxed transport, e.g. within an apartment.
Gordan was involved in the development from an early stage. In his opinion, there is no more realistic paddling in the dry. He himself uses the OD ergometer regularly to check technique, for long units in the cold winter, or simply when it's already too dark outside.
More information at https://olddanube.com

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