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Surfski bag

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Product Details
Brand: Nordic Kayaks

Our NK boat bag offers your surf ski optimal protection during your travels. The bag is padded and tailor-made for each surfski. As a result, the boat does not slip in the bag and can be securely attached to the car or trailer. The robust and water-repellent material protects your boat reliably and permanently.

The following features are also available:

  • Zipper on the side of the boot with padding so that nothing happens to the paintwork
  • orange end with flag, which can be easily removed if necessary
  • the rudder can simply remain on and saves you the hassle of attaching and detaching
  • with a practical pocket so that you can find your surf ski among all the NKs on the beach

The boat bag is tailor-made for every available model of our surfskis and K1.

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„Nordic kayaks boats are by far the strongest and safest ski of the market. Even in 3m swell and stormy conditions, I fully trust my craft to take me home. Plus, and it’s a big plus, it also comes in black with pink nose.“

Victor Doux (FRA)