Co-Founder of Nordic Kayaks

Fredrik Lindström founded Nordic Kayaks together with Peter Bringby in 2006 in Vaxholm, Sweden. Dissatisfaction with the boats on the market at the time and the awareness that they could create something better were catalysts for the development of the first Nordic Kayak – the Rocket. This laid the foundation for the subsequent innovative developments of the Fusion and Rapido.

Supported by experts in the fields of hydromechanics and CAD design, they succeeded in setting new standards in the market. Their own years of experience with racing boats enabled them to build on their successes and even surpass them with the release of the Nitro, Storm and Squall series.

In the meantime, the NK fleet has been expanded and optimized to such an extent that the right boat can be found for every skill level.

My favorite surfski: For most I prefer the Nitro 600 because it’s the boat I designed for myself but I do accept that in bigger sea I am more suitable in a Storm

„Love surfski paddling because of the freedom of being able to paddle where I like and knowing that I can always re-mount if I fall in“

Fredrik from NK