K1 41 & K1 43 & K1 45– fast racing kayaks with hull shapes developed from our surf skis based on optimal hydrodynamics which together with our extremely light carbon fiber construction provides very easily driven kayaks regardless of whether you choose 45, 43 or 41 cm width.

Of course, there is a little more top speed to pick up in K1 41 which turns to the competition paddler while K1 43 is intended for an experienced exercise paddler. The K1 45 provides some extra stability without loosing too much cruising speed which suits a wide range of paddlers. All three models are perceived as stable for their width.

The seat is designed to provide good support around the entire seat cup, this makes the difference from a more open typical seat that you sit more comfortably for a longer period of time. The back end is sloping and enables good rotation and leg work. The seats are available in 2 heights depending on what you prefer.

The footrest with pedals and large base plate together with our adjustable foot strap gives the paddler good and stable footrest with a quick steering response.

Our specification for the Double 670 was that an experienced paddler could experience a downwind together with a beginner. The Double comes with 2 independent control systems and can optionally be controlled from the front, rear or simultaneously front and rear. The simultaneous operation of the front and rear control pedals works very well and predestines the Double as a driving school boat.

The shorter hull shape in connection with a lot of keel jump enables a high degree of maneuverability and spontaneous response behavior. Our high-end production with autoclaves and prepreg enables a very low weight with high hardness and robustness. The middle CarbonLite construction weighs only 14kg!

The cockpits were developed with many years of experience, with a perfectly shaped seat and ergonomics that allow good footwork. Beverage bottle holder under the knees for quick access to the NK drinking bottle (standard equipment).

The deBrito self-bailer (bilge flap) is the most effective on the market and can be easily operated with the foot. We have revised the paddle insert edges in this second version so that a relatively narrow paddle insert is also possible in the rear cockpit.

The Exrcize is a surfski for beginners and experienced surfers that is easy to paddle, stable and entertaining – for sports, races and easy tours. It is based on the same basic principles as our faster skis with less volume and more keel.

It’s fast, versatile, and easy to maneuver in a variety of conditions.

The narrow cutouts allow a tight paddle insert and an efficient paddling technique, as in the narrower models from NK.

The Exrcize comes with our new cockpit with bottle holder, carbon side handle and very comfortable seat – optionally also available with a loading hatch made of exposed carbon on the rear deck and with front and rear transport options. The Exrcize fits paddlers from 160cm to approx. 200cm in height.

The Nordic Kayaks Squall is best described as a stable fitness ski. Fast and fun with great responsiveness in waves. Although the boat is a little wider at 49cm, the cutout on the side of the cockpit allows for a tight paddle entry and to paddle with speed.

This competitive surfski has an exceptional balance between stability and speed.
It is easier to remount (re-entry into open water) than most of the others. The cockpit comes with our new features such as a bottle holder, carbon side handles and a very comfortable ergonomic seat.

The Squall 580 has the long cockpit and fits paddlers from 165cm to approx. 200cm and more. The Squall 540 has the short cockpit and fits paddlers from approx. 155cm to 195cm.

The Storm is an advanced surfski with the same features as our Nitro models, but with a little more stability. In experienced hands, this ski is a pure surfing machine that enables the paddler to concentrate on hard paddling without losing stability.

The Storm is a responsive, versatile and fast surfski in waves and also very competitive on flat water. It is designed for racing and fitness paddling. The Storm 610 has the long cockpit and fits paddlers from 165cm to approx. 200cm and more. The Storm 570 has a cockpit that is 5cm shorter in comparison and fits paddlers from 155cm to approx. 195cm.

The Nitro is a top elite surfski designed for the elite paddler looking for maximum speed! In flat water this boat is as fast as a K1 (for many even faster), but on the sea and large lakes its where it excels. Great surfing properties in the downwind with an exceptional ability to connect and climb waves.

The combination of the volume distribution, the positioning of the cockpit and the distance to the rudder results in a very agile ski that can be mastered well even in breaking waves.

Since 2020 the Nitro has been manufactured with our latest cockpit with great freedom for movement and a very comfortable seat that has been developed during years of testing and feedback.

The Nitro 640 has our longer cockpit and fits paddlers from 165cm to approx. 200cm and more. The Nitro 600 has a 5cm shorter cockpit and fits paddlers from approx. 155cm – 195cm. The cutouts on the sides are designed in such a way that it allows for a perfect paddle catch.

If you ask us: it doesn’t get better.

„NK surfski are very strong and it means a lot: they are safe, if anything happens the surfskis will resist and bring you back home. Safety is our priority on the Open Ocean. I love also the bright colors on the nose !! I have tried many different brands, now I just want surfski from NK.“

Philippe Horowitz (ESP)